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It’s not what you know that counts, but who you know.

This adage is especially true in a business world increasingly competitive, where strong relationships can directly affect your profitability.

The Advantages of GR Business Networking®:

  • Exclusive seat in your field of business, fast and easy registration;
  • Weekly meetings from Monday to Friday (weekends are also possible);
  • Breakfast, lunch or happy hour meetings;
  • Web visibility at the international level (our website is optimized for search engines);
  • Mobility among groups and access to an international network;
  • Member support seven days a week;
  • Customer service provided worldwide by our qualified representatives;
  • Several GR events, including Launches, Open Houses, Guest Days, Group Gatherings, Conferences, Training, Golf Tournaments, etc...


CAD / USD / EUR / Year
(+ tx appl.) *

Members meet weekly and have an exclusive seat.

* Africa: $249 CAD (+ tx)


CAD / USD / EUR / Year
(+ appl. tx) *

There is no mandatory attendance, the members do not have an exclusive seat.

* Africa: $249 CAD (+ tx)


CAD / USD / EUR / Year
(+ appl. tx) *

5 or more memberships for the same company in the same area.

* Africa: $199 CAD (+ tx)


CAD / USD / EUR / 5 Years
(+ appl. tx) *

5 year membership  Includes a GR Profile Plus, a value of $249.

* Not available in Africa


CAD / year
(+ tx appl.) *

No access to business networking events, but have access right to GR Group Insurance.**

** See conditions

* Canada (QC, ON, AB) only

  = Required

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