Types de réseautage

Traditional Networking

Traditional networking consists of a group of entrepreneurs who meet as a social network.

The meeting will usually occur at different times and places so that they can do business among themselves.

Business opportunities are therefore limited to a particular cell in a particular region.

GR Business Networking®

GR Business Networking® offers its members a new way to network. We have no cell sector (eg, Ottawa, Rockland, Kanata) but a regional cell "Greater Ottawa Area". Business is done in the entire region, not only in a cell.

We encourage people to do business with all members of GR Business Networking and not only in a particular region. Thus, our groups are larger and more powerful because they rely on the synergy among them.

GR Business Networking® ® Worldwide

GR Business Networking® is the heart of this operation. A member in Europe has the same privileges as our members in Canada or Africa. We created categories based on continents, countries, states, provinces and even to the administrative region or city. All this depends on the targeted area and population.

Periodically, members are invited to join us in special event meetings. This meeting presents our members with the unique opportunity to learn from the experience and expertise of our speakers. These events are designed to build relationships that translate into concrete action: sharing service, partnership, business opportunity and more. Join us to discover a new type of fast action networking, all in a cordial atmosphere. Remember that these activities are excellent opportunities to expand your business network.

This is available for all members of GR Business Networking. Each cell of entrepreneur includes several members who collaborate with each other in various fields of expertise. They meet regularly during a special breakfast, lunch or happy hour meeting. During this time they discuss business and help each other based on their mutual experiences. The group acts somewhat as an adviser and may also serve as the Board of Directors for your company.