What is a Coach/Techno Tip?

Total time 10 minutes (8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions)

The Coach’s Tip / Techno Tip allow members and guests to benefit from practical advice on various topics related to the field of business.   It can include tips on business, business management, social media, internet marketing, and technological tools.  It is ideas to help develop entrepreneurial skills.

There is a variety of topics to pick from and use as a guideline which can be found on your GR Business Website in the Toolbox section . We also welcome GR Members to use their own tips from personal and professional experience and even submit their topics and suggestions for this category.

Visual aids (eg: PowerPoint), brochures and hand outs are encourages to help support the topic.

Attention Board Members:

It is important to have up to five weeks in advance of the upcoming themes of the Coach’s Tip / Techno Tip that will be presented by your members. This also helps encourage members and guests to visit your group based on the topic of the week.  A great tool to develop skills through sharing.

If you have any questions about scheduling your Coach’s Tip / Techno Tip or want to provide comments or suggestions, please contact us at at info@grbusinessnetworking.com.