Referrals & Budget

What is a referral?

A counted referral is an action that may result or will result in a sale, transaction or trade. A referral is a regular opportunity to do business that may not result in a sale. It is an action taken in order to offer a business opportunity to a GR member through GR,our website or our Social Media pages.

The referral number displayed on the page of a group is the total number of referrals calculated since opening. This is an excellent indicator of the involvement of members of the group which is available to non-members and visitors on your groups page.

Example referrals counted:

  • I made a transaction with another GR member; (+1)
  • I gave a referral to another GR member; (+1)
  • I invited a member or non-member as a visitor; (+1 per guest)
  • I invited a guest during the week by mail or in person; (+1 per guest)
  • I use services or purchase from a GR member; (+1 per transaction)
  • I visit a GR chiropractor for a session once a week; (+1 per visit)
  • I gave a referral to a GR member, but the sale is not completed; (+1)
  • I visited a meeting, restaurant, hotel, trade show, etc, outside the GR Meeting; (+1 per visit or use)
  • I referred someone that joined GR!; (+1)
  • I attended a conference or training organized by GR. (+1)
  • Took part in a fundraising event or made donation to support a GR Member;

Example of referral not counted:

  • I told people how GR works. (Appreciated, but not a referral);
  • I put a referal for a guest, but the guest was present at the meeting two weeks later. (This has already been counted);
  • A visitor wasn’t officially invited and just showed up;
  • I received a referral from my group or GR Network;
  • A non-member gave me a referral or made a transaction thanks to GR;
  • A guest was invited by GR and attends

Attention Board Members

Referrals of your members are automatically calculated on your groups page and visible to the public so it is very important not to miss this information in the meeting reports to maintain an up to date image for your group

The meeting reports keep track of each Members personal referrals as well so it is important to make sure they are added to the correct person.

If the referrals came from GR or guest members and non-members, simply add the ”total” to other referrals.

If you have any questions about filling meeting reports or want to provide comments or suggestions related to referrals, please do not hesitate to do so at the following address

To request Senior Account Executive Margaret-Ann Davis please ensure a minimum of 10 guests and they will speak on a topic of your choice from GR Business Networking.