What is a Trick of the Trade?

Total time 10 minutes (8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions)

The Tricks of the Trade must be presented by a GR member. This is a golden opportunity for the member to share information about their business, products and services to the group. This opportunity educates the Members on what exactly you do and who you are looking for.

It is not an opportunity to sell, but to educate Members of the group on even perhaps the challenges faced in your industry and what you need help with.

It is strongly suggested that the speaker uses visual aids (eg: PowerPoint) and distributes brochures to support his message.

Attention Board Members:

It is important to have up to five weeks in advance of the upcoming themes of the Tricks of the Trade that will be presented by your members. This also helps encourage members and guests to visit your group based on the topic of the week.  A great tool for educating people about your business.  A time to shine!

If you have any questions about scheduling your Tricks of the Trade or wish to offer comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to email info@grbusinessnetworking.com.