Referrals & Budget

What is the budget?

This is an opportunity to raise funds for the group. This budget is managed by the group and belongs to the group. It can allow members to special meetings, to pay the meal to guests, organizing a special event or to advertise for members of groups or various events.

Example fundraisers for implementation of the budget:

  • 50/50 draw
  • Weekly donations from members
  • Fines ($ 1 or $ 2) for non compliance to your group
  • Fines ($ 1 or $ 2) absence or non-motivated non-replaced
  • Other types of events: BBQ, car wash, conferences, etc ...

The examples cited above must be approved by the majority of the group at their location and well explained to new members.

You would like to submit suggestions about fundraising of your group, do not hesitate to send them to and we will be happy to post them.