Terms and Conditions

The following represents the terms and conditions of Groupe Reso International, all of it’s divisions and subsidiaries (hereafter refered to as “Groupe Reso” or “Groupe Reso International Corp”), as defined by Groupe Reso International Corp. PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING A SERVICE, A PRODUCT OR A MEMBERSHIP of Groupe Reso International Corp. When you sign this contract of sale and/or services or if you sign up online or by phone, you acknowledge having previously read and understood the terms and conditions listed below.


  1. Business Territory and Jurisdiction
    Groupe Reso International Corp operates mainly from its Corporate offices in Gatineau, Quebec. Individuals choosing to become members, to buy products, services or contracts do so of their own volition and are subject to any and all laws applicable in the Province of Quebec. They also recognize that the courts of the Judicial district of Hull in the Province of Quebec will be deemed competent to settle any legal dispute that may arise.
  2. Content of Website and its use
    It is understood that all content of the website, such as text, articles, photographs, images, video or audio, is the sole property of Groupe Reso International Corp or has been licensed to Groupe Reso. Under no condition is it allowable to copy, distribute, translate, download, display or transmit in any manner any content of the website without the express consent of Groupe Reso International Corp. It is allowable to display or download content from the site for personal, non commercial usage in as long as no modifications are made to content and intellectual property is respected and displayed. Groupe Reso International Corp. reserves the authority to remove all publications of its members on the website by their profile, their GR offers, their events or testimony if deemed non-compliant or inappropriate.
  3. Logos and trademarks
    Trademarks and logos used or displayed by Groupe Reso International Corp., registered or not, are not to be utilized without express written consent of the proprietor of said trademark or logo.
  4. Limitation of Liabilities
    Content contained in publication or documentation is as is, without implied or explicit guaranty. Subject to public order legislation to the contrary, Groupe Reso International Corp disclaims any liability and gives no warranties, including warranties on any service offered by Groupe Reso International Corp. Groupe Reso International Corp, its officers, employees, partners, representatives or agents will under no circumstances be held liable for any damages related directly or indirectly to the use of these services. Where we must submit to the services of a third party, we must apply and adhere to the rules, procedures and policies of said third party. We will not be, under any circumstances, held liable for procedures, rules and policies of a third party. Groupe Reso International Corp will never be involved in any bonds and agreements made between two members of Groupe Reso, nor will we intervene in any process of mediation.
  5. Links to Other Web Sites
    Our website contains links to websites operated by other companies. It is important to specify that GroupeReso International Corp. has no control on the content of these sites. The fact that sites may contain links does not imply any business relationship between Groupe Reso International Corp and any other company.
  6. Refund Policy
    Groupe Reso International Corp. does not offer refunds or exchanges on any memberships. For such purposes and without obligation on our part, you can send a request by mail to our Canadian Head Office at 12 Rue St-Matthieu, Beloeil, Québec, Canada  J3G 2W1. Once received, your request will be replied to within 5 business days and sent back to you. If we agree on your request, you will receive as goodwill from our part, a Time Credit Coupon for the actual time remaining with your Business Networking membership. This Coupon must be used within 24 months, given to a third party or sold by you to a third party. No request or demand will be addressed if received by phone or email.
  7. Privacy Policy
    Groupe Reso International Corp is proud to always respect the privacy of its members who may visit our site and take advantage of our products and services. Any information gathered at any time will never be sold, rented, or otherwise made available to any third party without your express consent. If ever you feel that Groupe Reso International Corp. was not diligent in respecting these policies, please advise us by email at We will analyse the situation and make all reasonable efforts to remedy the situation if necessary. We will always inform you about the steps that are being taken to this effect.
  8. Visit of a non-member in our groups
    Out of respect for the members having paid their membership to attend the various events of Groupe Reso International Corp., a single visit is permitted for a non-member. If a non-member assists more than once in one or various events of Groupe Reso International Corp., access may be denied.
  9. Rules governing the different types of membership
    1. Annual membership ($599.00):
      For annual members of Groupe Reso International Corp., a single seat by group is available by category. For example, a real estate broker, a notary, a lawyer, a dentist, a hairdresser, etc. The exclusivity of your post is provided by your attendance. Indeed, the quality of our meetings and effectiveness of our referencing inevitably through the presence of members at our weekly meetings. A member who has accumulated more than 4 annual absences (non-motivated or non-replaced) will be moved to the regional group and its position in its field of activity will be then released within his group thus allowing another Member to book. Of course, simply notify the franchisee in your area and/or the Board members of your group in the event of an extended absence.
    2. Regional membership ($599.00):
      The regional section is composed primarily of members who don’t want to/or cannot attend all meetings and agree to not be represented at 100%. As mentioned above, the members of the other types of membership that have not complied with the rules in their section can benefit from the benefits and flexibilities offered by the regional section of their regions. Each Member can visit other groups according to his schedule without obligation of presence. The only restriction is that any exploration is prohibited if his position is already filled in this group by an annual member. This rule, based on mutual respect and mutual assistance to maintain a beautiful complicity in each of the groups of Groupe Reso International Corp.
    3. Corporate membership ($549.00):
      The corporate membership is available in annual, monthly, or regional formula as described above. Corporate means that 5 representatives or employees or more than a single company are Member of Groupe Reso International Corp. in the same region. Each of them will therefore benefit a discount of $50 on accession.
    4. The Select membership ($2,499.00):
      Select membership is available in annual, monthly, or regional formula as described above. This membership allows the most active members of Groupe Reso International Corp. to enjoy a host of exclusive benefits to this type of membership either, among others:
      • A 5 years membership;
      • Creation of an online Profile Plus by our professionals;
      • A fix membership price for the next 5 years;
      • Appearance of the Select Member’s Logo on some of our emails shipments;
      • Display of the "Select" logo on the business card of the Member in the group/region selected as well as in a special section of our Web site;
      • Publication of the Member’s Profile Plus on social media;
      • Special activities reserved for Select Members;
      • Right to offer monthly conferences in events dedicated to this effect;
      • Priority registration for events such as cruises, conferences, etc.
    5. Common activities to all types of memberships mentioned above:
      In addition to weekly and monthly meetings Groupe Reso International Corp. provides its members with many events in which they can participate, regardless of their membership type such as:
      • Monthly conferences offered by Select Members;
      • Training of sales ($);
      • Networking training ($) (levels 1 and 2 available);
      • Open house;
      • Launches;
      • Group gathering;
      • Golf tournaments ($);
      • Annual trips ($);
      • Special events ($);
      • Etc.
    6. Privilege membership ($ 249.00) *NEW*:
      Privilege membership is available in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta only. Members that joined the privilege membership does not have the right to be present in the business networking meetings and have no visibility on our website. They have no access to common activities listed in point 6. All the privileges members have access to the GR Group Insurance, discounts and promotions available on Groupe Reso’s website and an annual information meeting is exclusive to them. The cost of $ 249 is applicable to non-members of the Groupe Reso only. If a GR Member wishes to enjoy the benefits of privilege membership, he can modify for free membership by contacting the customer service of Groupe Reso while retaining all the benefits of his membership. His subscription will become "Privilege annual" OR "Privilege regional" OR "Privilege Monthly", etc.
      Groupe Reso International Corp. does not sell insurance products. GR Group insurance is a product created in collaboration between Groupe Reso International Corp., DCI Assurance and Standard Life. Only the GR Select Members having their license from the AMF are accredited to sell this product and the number of authorized representatives by region is managed by Groupe Reso International Corp. GR Only privilege members have access privileges to the GR Group Insurance. Groupe Reso International Corp. is not responsible for changes on the costs and coverage of the GR Group Insurance and delegate all responsibilities related to the management of this insurance product to DCI Assurance and Standard Life.

Online booking procedures*

Click on “Reserve 24h”:

  • You have 24 hours to complete the membership process and pay your balance.
  • A representative will contact you to complete your membership.
  • If you do not complete the process, the exclusive seat you booked will be considered available online.

Click on “Buy it Now”:

  • An exclusive seat in your group will be guaranteed. The process will be completed upon acceptance of payment.
  • Methods of payment : Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

* Please note that there will be no refund on online bookings. If a problem occurs during the booking process, our qualified staff will be happy to correct the situation.