District GR

Become Your Own Boss

Become A Franchisee In Three Simple Steps:

1Apply for a sector that interests you and complete the qualification form.
2A full analysis will be done quickly in the next 5 days and your franchise plan will be given to you.
3Make full payment of your franchise and the only step left will be to determine when your training week will begin.

At any time, if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Sebastien Guillet, GR’s CEO,
by email : sebastien@grbusinessnetworking.com

Coûts :

  • Starting from $ 5,000 (plus applicable taxes)
    * May vary from one sector to another

Objectifs de rendement :

  • 1st year : 50 new members
  • 2nd year : 50 new members
  • 3rd - 4th - 5th year : 15% increase per year

    Obligations requested :

  • 2 visits per week in groups
  • 3 events a year (with the help of GR)
  • Promotion of GR events

Resale of a territory or assignment :

A territory can be resold by the territory manager in agreement with Groupe Reso International at any time, at the desired price. The manager could choose to leave his place or sell at any time for valid circumstances.

Continuing Education :

Groupe Reso International is to provide training to the district director to help develop business. The training sessions will take place in Beloeil at Groupe Reso International's business office. If the training needs to be outside the fees could be applied.

Accounting and administrations :

Groupe Reso International has set up the financial management of the company and the administration of it.