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East Ontario / Ontario / Canada

October 3, 2019

Don't miss event -
Hosted by Margaret-Ann Davis

2 Dynamic Presentations -
Lesley Moll - Peninsula ~ Business Development Manager

How to Manage Your Business Hats
-Understand how your hats are limiting your business growth
-Learn how to decide when and which hats to take off
-Design a plan and take action to get to the next level of success
Do you have hat head?
If you want to learn effective time management strategies and answer questions like is it time to delegate, is it time to hire, what do I do next?

Malcolm Sinclair Park - Living Well in Ottawa - Magazine Pubisher

Find out what your clients need and give them what they want.
- listen to your client
- become a solution specialist
- grow as required via partnerships, products, services
Market to your audience!
This presentation will challenge you to open your mind to possibilities to grow.

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