Open Houses

Kanata Business Networking #afterhour dinner & world cafe event!
Kanata 3 (Monthly) / East Ontario / Ontario / Canada

October 28, 2019

Please join us for our Monthly event in Kanata featuring a World Cafe format.

This is a great opportunity to meet new business people and entrepreneurs.

We invite everyone to attend 1 FREE meeting to our GR Network,

All GR members welcome ~ no exclusivity.

Our meeting agenda is as follows:

• Open Networking
• Intro Board
• Moment of Glory — everyone has 1 minute to share their business.
• Trick of the Trade
• World Cafe

Meeting is then followed up with business networking and an opportunity to meet those you would like to speak with.

Start new business relationships and open the door to new opportunities and referrals.

Please join us to learn more.
3 Brewers Kanata
565 Kanata Ave., Ottawa

Contact information:
Roxy Chamberland [Email]