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Wealthy Wednesday - Live Bookkeeping Day
East Ontario / Ontario / Canada

April 24, 2019

Commit to getting your books done while being connected to live support! That's right. Join me and my Focused Bookkeeping Accountability Group and get your books done. I am connected to you live to answer any questions and provide direction so you can get your books done. My members LOVE this day (and they get it twice a month) because they always get a pile of stuff done while having me available to guide them along. They call me their "bookkeeping mama".

If you procrastinate at doing your books and need some accountability, mixed in with some support from an expert, this is your day!

Your books are the story of your business and you need to be making a commitment to get them done. You make your clients a priority, well today is your day to make yourself and your business a priority.
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Liz Raymond [Email]
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