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July 2019
GR Ballpark & BBQ-Tail gate Party
East Ontario / Ontario / Canada
Come and join everyone at the Ballpark for a BBQ-Tail gate Party and enjoy the game between the Trois-Rivières Aigles and the Ottawa Champions. The action begins at 7:05, but you are invited to be there for 5:30 to enjoy 2 drinks (beer, pop or water) and all you can eat hot-dogs and hamburgers between 5:30 and 7 PM
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August 2019
Non Profit Management Certificate Program
East Ontario / Ontario / Canada
This course is intended for non for profits to help them enhance their business operations. The course itself is funded through a grant and has 5 modules. Deadline to register is May 17 2019. Please reach out for registration and details. The program has 14 courses and a comprehensive strategic plan development of an actual non-profit organizations. All courses will be delivered by professionals with academic background and field experience.
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September 2019
Ottawa Charities Golf Tournament
East Ontario / Ontario / Canada
Save the DATE - this is an event put on by Ottawa Business People Sponsors, Prizes, Golfers, Diners all welcomed. Join us and make it YOUR event to - raise money for a great cause - have fun - have fun - have fun - meet people and start your FALL off strong
October 2019
KickStart - tips & strategies to Accelerate your Business
East Ontario / Ontario / Canada
This event was created as a 90 day check in for ALL business people to participate to connect, share, support, and meet new people. Everyone is welcome to all of these events. Our topics are beneficial to all business people, not a sales pitch, designed to have you leaving with some great strategies to implement right away. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, invite your peers, learn, educate, share and above all have FUN! What to expect: Meet & Greet informal Networking Dinner event — a la carte on you! 2 Dynamic Presentations Hand outs Connections Invite a friend! Margaret-Ann Davis is looking forward to welcoming you to join a great group of like minded people that are supporting each other and sharing tips and strategies that can propel you into a great 90 days!