Become Your Own Boss

Become A Franchisee In Three Simple Steps:

1Apply for a sector that interests you and complete the qualification form.
2A full analysis will be done quickly in the next 5 days and your franchise plan will be given to you.
3Make full payment of your franchise and the only step left will be to determine when your training week will begin.


At any time, if you want more information, do not hesitate
to contact Sebastien Guillet, GR’s CEO,
by email :


  • $35,000 (plus applicable taxes) for a maximum of 5 million people within an area of 200 km
  • $5,000 (plus applicable taxes) per million in added populations

Performance Objectives:

These performance objectives have been achieved, and even exceeded, by our current franchisees. This serves as a basis to obtain good growth as well as the satisfaction of the franchisee and the franchisor in order to be able to maintain your franchise in place.

  • 1st year: $250,000 in sales of commissionable products and services
  • 2nd year: $500,000 in sales of commissionable products and services + 200%
  • 3rd year: $1,000,000 in sales of commissionable products and services + 200%
  • 4th year: $1,500,000 in sales of commissionable products and services +150%
  • 5th year: $2,500,000 in sales of commissionable products and services + 166%

Expected Gross Revenues:

50% of sales will be given in commission to the franchisee

As the years progress, the more your staff will be able to manage a growing number of members without increasing your costs. In the first year you should be able to get a return on your franchise investment. Depending on the time and effort invested, these figures can increse quickly and at the benefit of the franchisee. Achieved goals lead automatically to a 5 year renewal whithout any aditional fees.

  • 1st year: : $125,000
  • 2nd year: : $250,000
  • 2rd year: : $500,000
  • 4th year: : $750,000
  • 5th year: : $1,250,000


  • Notarial fees + franchise contract
  • One week of on-site training and full comprehension of the franchise
  • Registration forms and other documents necessary for the promotion of GR Business cards and a GR web profile on the website
  • Roll-up banner for usage in promotional events
  • Full access to our intranet, emails, phone numbers and management of the franchise
  • 24 hours access and support for all franchisees worldwide via the headquarters in Canada
  • Billing system in place, deposits, payments and sales management
  • Development and recovery plan offered by GR every 6 months

Provided By The Franchisee:

  • Office (workplace). Can be at home to start off your business
  • Telephone line, fax and toll free numbers dedicated only to GR
  • Cellular Line, dedicated to GR only
  • Travel, food and accommodation expenses for the GR Employee during training
  • Interac machine and related transaction fees, provided by PIVOTAL Global Payment Solution, in collaboration with the Franchisor.