Payroll management is an essential and complex task that evolves as a company grows, requiring up-to-date knowledge at every step.

In Quebec, there are more than 42 laws and regulations which must be respected to insure pay conformity.  This is more than anywhere else in Canada.  This is without the CCQ (Commission de la Contruction du Quebec) requirements.

At Paie Solutions, we take the commitment to produce your pay, in time that will meet all legislative requirements!

As an active member of CPA (Canadian Payroll Association), Paie Solutions is a dynamic team driven to meet your needs and that will answer all your questions regarding your pay.

By entrusting us your pay processing, you will reduce administrative tasks so you can then focus on strategic challenges of your business.


Offered Services:

Regular Pays;

CCQ Pays;

Sources Deductions and Contributions (DAS);

Direct Deposit Service;

CSST Contributions;

T4 and RL1 (including summaries);

File follow-ups with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and Revenu Quebec;